With rising temperatures in the summer, mosquito breeding increases as well. Of that we all know. What many do not know is that these mosquitoes present danger not only to us, but also to our pets.

Dirofilariosis, also known as "heartworm disease", is caused by a nematode parasite of the genre Dirofilaria and transmitted by a variety of mosquitoes, including Aedes. The disease affects dogs mostly, but cats are also susceptible to the disease.

Most infected animals show no clinical signs or even laboratory abnormalities. Others can show mild signs (such as weight loss or exercise intolerance), to severe systemic conditions, leading to death. At any signal, do not hesitate to seek a veterinarian. And keep a routine of visits and periodic check-ups with the veterinarian, because sooner the disease is diagnosed, the greater the chance of cure.

It is worth remembering that we are a key part in combating the mosquito, avoiding accumulation of standing water, which become suitable places for the creation of Aedes Aegypti and other mosquitoes.

When the rainy season arrives, always check to see if there is accumulation of still water in your residence or in places around. If you have a pool at home, treat the water with chlorine and clean it at least once a week. Plastic bags should be tightly closed, always keeping the dumps closed.Always store bottles and buckets upside down and check that there is no water accumulated in potted plants or place sand in them.

In addition to the care mentioned above, pets can also be protected with repellents, specific to them. There are several products on the market for disease prevention and mosquito repellents, which prevent mosquitoes from coming into contact with the animal. Animals that live or frequent beach towns, dams, rivers and lakes need to be extra careful and should not stop using a repellent product in those places.

All care is little. And prevention is the best choice!
By : Dr. Simone Amitay - Veterinarian
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